Crypto collectible UnicornGo partners with EtherZero

UnicornGo hopes partnership will futureproof their equine Ether

Crypto collectible blockchain game UnicornGo has partnered with the new generation smart contract development platform, EtherZero. It is a hard forked project based on the Ethereum platform comprising a two-level network; a masternode network and a traditional proof of work network. The masternode network is responsible for transaction verification, and the proof of work network is for block packing and synchronization.

UnicornGo is a pet management game centered on collecting unique unicorns. Users buy and sell unicorns in the marketplace, cross-breed them with other unicorns, buy land plots, grow trees that bring Candy (UnicornGo’s primary currency) and purchase dwellings for their pets. The partnership with EtherZero allows UnicornGo to integrate their solutions to ensure scalability, high transaction speed and reinforce asset security.

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