Ronin adds multichain support for Polygon, BNB and Ethereum

Following the recent growth streak for its Ronin blockchain, Sky Mavis has announced a range of updated features to its network’s wallet – both Chrome extension and mobile apps – including multichain support for Polygon, BNB and Ethereum.

With over 600,000 daily active users, much thanks to Pixels’ steady success since its Ronin migration, the network has inevitably attracted users native to other blockchains. In order to facilitate smooth onboarding for these, and “millions more” future players, Sky Mavis has introduced multichain support for Ronin wallets.

Ultimately, this means users of other blockchains – currently Polygon, BNB and Ethereum – can onboard Ronin using their current seed phrases, connect to external dapps, and access their NFTs, ERC-20 tokens as well as manage transactions on Ethereum and other supported chains.

During the latter part of 2023, Ronin experienced a massive growth spurt, going from 19,200 DAUWs and to its current 600,000.

Since the first thirdparty games onboarding Ronin were announced in March 2023, the chain has seen multiple games migrating from other chains – most prominently Polygon – including Apeiron, ACT GamesZoids Wild Arena, and of course Pixels.

In addition to adding multichain support, Ronin has also integrated MPC technology to enhance the security of its wallets. Users can choose to opt in to MPC, which basically separates a wallet into multiple recovery elements that must be combined in order to access the wallet, rather than just with a single seed phrase.

Ronin wallets are available to download via App Store, Google Play and Chrome store.

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