AOFverse issues apology and reveals extent of pressure from NFT whales

Following yesterday’s news about the dwindling community trust in AOFverse and SkyArk Chronicles, AOFverse has now issued an apology.

The statement was posted on X, and is an attempt to clear the reputation and explain why the company, and its outsourcing team, acted as they did.

For while the free Fortune Founder’s key NFT mint was originally a way to show appreciation for long-term supporters of the Army of Fortune ecosystem, the planning and execution of it overwhelmed the team, so they decided to outsource it. 

The event itself turned out more popular than expected, and many early supporters, whom the mint was intended for, couldn’t get on the whitelist. This was the first cause of frustration.

Following the mint, the NFT prices reached between 2-10 ETH, far higher than the team had expected. After all, the free NFTs give owners eligibility to airdrops and other benefits. Despite its success, AOFverse didn’t make more than about 8 ETH (around $18,000) in royalty fees however.

Fast forward to the days ahead of the controversial AFG token airdrop. The AOFverse team had to negotiate with its NFT holders, who had asked for 10 million AFG tokens and 10% to be unlocked at the time of the event. That proposal was declined.

A second proposal, including a 3-month cliff followed by 15% of tokens being unlocked and then 5% unlocked monthly, was eventually agreed and announced. But the night before the event, some “prominent holders” asked for a new airdrop plan, featuring 50 million AFG with 20% of the tokens unlocked straight away. 

AOFverse considered this unfair for the remaining 90% of early supporters who had been playing the game consistently but hadn’t made it to the NFT whitelist back in November.

So, the team declined that proposal too, which led to some major NFT holders dumping their assets and causing the price of AOFverse NFTs to crash. 

Inevitably, there’s never just one side to these dramatic events. AOFverse apologised to the remaining NFT holders who were affected by the dump, and says it will attempt to restore trust. In that context it’s announced a new airdrop campaign.

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