Champions Ascension integrating Sequence web3 tech

Currently with its Emperor’s Legendary Crystals event underway, Champions Ascension has integrated Horizon’s web3 technology, including Sequence Wallet and Marketplaces. Mainly designed to provide more streamlined onboarding and improved NFT integration, the “all-in-all” tech stack also aims to reduce friction in terms of cross-platform accessibility.

In additional news, Plai City founders Chris DeWolfe and Aber Whitcomb have also been busy rebranding the company, which initially spun out of Jam City, to Rough House Games.

One of its co-founders, Alejandro Gonzales, commented, “By integrating Sequence’s cutting-edge solutions such as Sequence Marketplaces and Sequence Wallet, we pave the way for a seamless and enriched experience for our players. We chose Sequence for its gaming-grade stack, through which we empower our community to journey through a safe and effortless onboarding. We are excited about the collaborative path ahead with Sequence and we anticipate boundless opportunities for our game and its devoted community thanks to its stack”. 

Deployed on Polygon, the F2P PC-based PVP RPG Champions Ascension has been in development since 2022. With a strong focus on real-time combat, the game has built solid foundations with deep Roman-inspired lore explaining the land of Karkadon and the fearsome clans and warriors it contains. The team also has further plans for its economic system, extending beyond its Champions NFTs, including land NFTs and resource crafting via its native Grand Bazaar marketplace. 

With Sequence’s technology, Champions Ascension allows for direct in-game marketplace integration, allowing for a smoother experience and easier transactions. 

Champions Ascension’s team demanded battle-tested solutions to help them streamline player onboarding and cross traditional boundaries associated with web3 games to grow and retain communities. Sequence Wallet and Marketplaces do just that: they allow for an effortless and convenient experience while opening the doors to an entire ecosystem, with instant easy and integration to keep developers focused on making a great game,” said Sequence head of business development Carl Aspeling.

The news follows Horizon’s recent announcement of Mon Studios’ integration of Sequence’s Wallet-as-a-Service into monster-catching MMORPG Spellborne.

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