FanX stakes its claim as the premier football blockchain trading platform

Fantasy site aims to let fans trade their favourite footy figures

FanX is one of the first fantasy sport platforms on blockchain for that particularly non-American form of football – soccer.

Users purchase tokens representing football players, with the value fluctuating based on their actual sports performance in the real world. What separates fantasy sport from gambling is this skill-based element – the idea is that the more you know your footy from your left foot, the better your skill in games like these.

Prospective players are given 500 coins on signup, and a number of random players. The goal is to trade and build the ideal team, and hopefully come out on top once the season ends. More famous players have higher prices.

The game is not fully functional at the moment. Based in Malta, the company is currently in the process of securing an online gaming license, which would allow FanX to take cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

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