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Good news comes in twos and threes for blockchain gaming

We’re always proud to bring you the latest news coming from the world of blockchain gaming.

Getting excited for:

WAX brings real-world items to its marketplace

WAX announced last week that it will be introducing real-world assets to its online marketplace. Far from an unexpected turn, WAX has always had this in mind for its market, giving players complete autonomy over trading both virtual and real items.

Find out more here.

Gods Unchained launched


From the creators of Etherbots, Gods Unchained promises to be blockchain’s take on esports as a highly competitive, trading and collectible card game.

It intends to fund its future tournaments through card pack sales, with 10% of each transaction being added to the prize pool.

To find out more about Gods Unchained, please visit their website or check out our ‘What is’ article here.

New arrivals to the blockchain games directory

Games removed from the blockchain games directory

  • This Token Rocks
  • Tard Farmer Club
  • Cryptosuperheroes
  • CryptoT
  • CryptoTulip

Upcoming ICOs

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