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We’ve seen the announcement of blockchain games looking succeed at breaking into the mainstream market this week, as well as our usual array of exciting releases and conversations with leading professionals in the field.

Here are our top stories from week.

1) Etherbots Developer Fuel Bros Announces Esports Game Gods Unchained

esportsFrom their previous game, EtherBots, Fuel Bros intend to increase the level of exposure that blockchain games get from the mainstream audience, explicitly targetting e-sports.

2) New Blockchain Games And ICO Roundup

We explore some of the goings-on of the week, including those big moments for the industry!

3) How New RPG Cryptic Conjure Is Looking To Shake Up Blockchain Gaming

Cryptic Conjure is a multiplayer fantasy action-RPG, utilizing the Ethereum blockchain and Unreal Engine 4 to enable some very interesting mechanics.

4) The Big Interview: with Jason Wishnov of Iridium

It’s often said blockchain is a solution looking for a problem.

But for game designer Jason Wishnov, blockchain proved to be the solution to a fundamental problem.

5) What is Playkey?


Playkey offers players the ability to enter the world of high-spec PC gaming without the overly-expensive hardware.

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