Trending now: the biggest stories in blockchain gaming

Blockchain gaming is going from strength to strength

It’s been a week of partnerships and growth for the world of blockchain gaming.

This week’s top stories


1) BitCrystals launches its blockchain game sector market map

Not content with announcing its new game á Table! and forthcoming mobile wallet called Casa Tookan, it’s looking to simplify the entire blockchain game sector with the release of its neat market map too.

2) The future of blockchain gaming: it’s a question of design


“Much of the focus on blockchain gaming to-date has been on the use of cryptocurrencies or attempts to create platforms that enable the sharing of gaming assets, rather than delivering satisfying games.”

3) Etherbots developer Fuel Bros announces esports game Gods Unchained

Blockchain gaming is becoming more competitive, especially when it comes to esports. While there are a vast number of blockchain games in circulation, the numbers for daily and monthly active users are still small-scale.

4) Spells of Genesis dev Everdreamsoft announces á Table!



Called á Table! (Dinner’s Ready! in French) it will launch on the BitCrystals ecosystem in September 2018 in conjunction with the release of BitCrystals’ digital wallet Casa Tookan.

5) How NIFTY is encouraging game developers to lead the NFT revolution

“I was reading an article about how [blockchain game] Etheremon was integrating with Decentraland when I had the idea for NIFTY,” explains Jehan Chu of the spark behind the conference and hackathon that’s promoting the importance of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

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