nTitle signs Team Dutch Gaming esports sponsorship deal

Blockchain game platform spreads its marketing wings

The worlds of esports and blockchain are growing closer and closer.

Over the course of July, major names in blockchain gaming have come out in support of a number of competitive esports teams. The most recent example of this was BUFF’s announcement it was sponsoring Digital Devils in the now-concluded Mobile Legends tournament, the latter of which ran first runner-up in the finals of the tournament.

Now, nTitle, the gaming marketplace built on Ethereum, has announced it too would be sponsoring an esports team, specifically Team Dutch Gaming.

nTitle sponsors Team Dutch Gaming

In its recent Medium post, nTitle – which is based in Amsterdam – stated that its decision to sponsor Team Dutch Gaming was due to the latter being an ‘up and coming team’, which coincides with a fast-growing esports industry that nTitle wants to appeal to.

“We look forward to helping TDG fulfill their great potential as a top esports team, while TDG will help promote nTitle’s soon to be released blockchain-based racing game, nTitle Fury.”

Along with its new sponsorship, nTitle recently published its company White Paper, which outlines the companies long-term plan, with obtaining the appeal of the esports community being one of them.

You can check out what nTitle’s up to and read the White Paper via its website.

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