Far Frontier Studios to integrate blockchain technology from 8 Circuit Studios

From building games, to creating a metaverse

Blockchain gaming is all about building universes.

In particular, the collaboration between Far Frontier Studios and 8 Circuit Studios is the latest example of this, as Far Frontier announces that it will be integrating blockchain technology from the latter to apply to its upcoming game, Mankind Reborn.

It’s through this collaboration that both studios intend to contribute to a larger ‘metaverse’ on the Ethereum blockchain.

Much like Enjin’s ‘gaming multiverse‘, this collaborative metaverse would allow players to obtain and use various in-game assets across multiple games.


“We are excited and happy to be developing partnerships with talented community-focused teams like Far Frontier,” James Mayo, president of 8 Circuit Studios explains.

“We believe this collaboration will bring something new to gamers, and usher in a new era of cross-game experiences.”

Christian Aguila, the founder and lead developer of Far Frontier, discusses the deeper implications of including a blockchain metaverse into their upcoming game.

“Mankind Reborn is a fully player-driven universe that allows any player to shape the game. Once we introduce real estate that is embedded in the blockchain, not only will players will be able to own unique pieces of the world, they will also be able to take their property into other linked games as well.”

For more information about the game, visit their website here.

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