VGO’s 1-2 punch: 2 million Vcases opened

VGO is unboxing success as it breaks 2 million cases opened.

The millions keep coming in for VGO.

It was only in August that the digital marketplace went from an emerging market, to one that turned over 1 million VCases.

In the same month, it also became regarded as the most popular dApp in the world. One can only imagine where it stands now, especially considering how it’s now successfully sold over 2 million VCases this month.

VGO’s 2 million case contest

One thing that’s managed to fuel this push to 2 million has been the previously mentioned ‘2 million cases contest.’

In a message last week, the company stated that ten randomly selected winners would be reimbursed for any keys they bought from October 2nd to now.

“We’ll reimburse 10 random winners for ALL vCases they unboxed from October 1st until the 2 millionth case is opened!”

VGO has also announced the beginning of a pumpkin contest, where contenders can win up to $600 worth of VCase keys.

For more information about VGO’s competitions, visit its Twitter page.

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