Cryptokitties introduces new features – challenges and badges

Cryptokitties is sparking new life into its collectibles.

For Cryptokitties players, breeding and collecting were their own rewards.

But this week sees a series of new features introduced to the game which aim to spark new drive in seasoned players.

These new features include a series of Set Challenges and a brand new series of badges. Set Challenges, according to the developers “is the more competitive cousin of Collections,” with each set featuring a collection of kitties with specific attributes that the player will need to breed.

In total players will need to breed six specific kitties in order to meet the challenge requirements. The ultimate reward? One of a series of new badges for players to proudly display, showcasing their collecting and challenge-completing prowess.

The challenges so far


At the moment, CryptoKitties has announced three Set Challenges to get players started:

  • Nubbins: This bare-bottomed Set is the easiest of the three.
  • Little Green Cats: This Set of interstellar Kitties is a bit trickier to complete.
  • Scaredy Cats: For the most fearless breeders, these freaky felines pose the toughest challenge.

And for those able to complete all three challenges? The team is offering a set of very special prizes. The team outlines the following rules for its contest:

  • Completing any one Set gets you one entry.
  • Completing any two Sets gets you an additional two entries for a total of three.
  • Completing all three Sets earns you another three entries for a total of six and your best chance to win.

The more entries you get, the higher the chance of obtaining one of three Gen 0 kitties from the first 1,000 created.

Potential competitors have two weeks to complete the challenges before the contest ends on November 6th at 4pm (PST).

For more information, visit the Medium post.

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