Cocos-BCX showcases some of the new games on its testnet

Cocos-BCX’s testnet is getting busier by the day.

With over 1.3 million active users taking part in its mainstream game development platform Cocos2d-x, Cocos-BCX has gained rapid traction. Currently, developers are able to create, build and launch their titles on the platform’s testnet.

According to Cocos-BCX’s Twitter, we get to see some of the newly launched titles made possible thanks to the platform.

Cocos Shooting

Being a brower-based game, Cocos Shooting has a similar style of gameplay to the classic rail-shooter – Galaga. In order to play, you need to register with your digital wallet as well as game ID and password. The game costs 10 Cocos in order to play.

Every enemy destroyed in-game translates to Cocos earned, which can be cashed out once the player’s defeated.

Slot Machines – Happy Fruit

Developed by Game Fame, Happy Fruit is a decentralized slot machine game, in which players can gamble to match various fruit and rack up lucky combinations.

Digital Asset Marketplace

Cocos-BCX shows off its early version of the digital asset marketplace, allowing players to make use of their newly earned Coco tokens as well as digital assets earned within the games they play.

For more information about Cocos-BCX visit the website. Be sure to check out the recent research conducted on its platform by the United Labs of Blockchain Technology here.

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