What is ALAX?

Explaining the mobile game distribution platform designed for emerging markets

ALAX is an Android-based mobile game distribution platform designed for emerging markets such as India, the Philippines, and Thailand, which have a low penetration of debit and credit cards.

Based on Decent’s DCore blockchain library, which offers high transaction speed at volume, it will be deployed by Chinese outfit Dragonfly, which currently operates the D-mobi Android app store using by over 100 million monthly users.

ALAX is a mobile game distribution platform designed for emerging markets

ALAX is a joint venture between the companies.

Talking tokens

ALAX will use two tokens, ALX and ALA.

ALX tokens will be generated through a Token Generation Event starting 17 April 2018. The hard cap is set to 30% or 300 million ALX, with the initial value set to 10,000 ALX = 1 ETH.

The TGE proceedings will be used: 40% for development, 35% for marketing, 10% partnership and 15% for legal contingencies.

ALX will be the token available for trading on public exchanges.

Via a one-way exchange on the ALAX platform, ALX tokens can be exchanged for the ALA tokens which can then be used to purchase games or in-app purchases. Market demand for ALX will be driven as ALA purchases using ALX will gain a 20 percent discount.

ALA tokens will also be available for sale through the ALAX store, or via mobile operators and brick-and-mortar resellers. They will be able to buy ALA tokens at a discount and then add their own margin.

The number of ALA tokens issued will not be limited and their value will be pegged to fiat currencies.


In terms of the rollout of the ALAX platform, the launch of the ALAX testnet is expected in July 2017, with the mainnet and store beta due in September.

Full commercial deployment is expected in 2019 Q1.

Source ALAX Whitepaper

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