Top Trending – biggest stories of blockchain gaming

It's been a truly exciting week for the world of blockchain gaming

We’re glad to bring you the biggest stories from the world of blockchain gaming from this week.

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1) Blankos Block Party reveals UGC and customization gameplay

From when it was first revealed, Blankos Block Party managed to draw in hundreds of thousands of views on its teaser trailer. It’s through this enormously successful initial reveal that we can see that players are excited to see more.

2) Check out our exclusive SXSW Blankos Block Party giveaways

We’re thrilled to bring you this exclusive interview with the Mythical Games team in the lead-up to SXSW. We speak to the company’s Head of Blockchain, Rudy Koch, and its CCO — Jamie Jackson.

3) Loom to integrate TRON and EOS

We have seen a number of blockchain game projects go from one chain to multi-chain. Examples of this include the 0xGames team, EverDragons, and Blockchain Cuties, each citing a need for player interoperability.

4) Blankos Block Party giveaway — and the winners are…

It’s been a truly exciting first few months in the blockchain gaming world. From beginning betas and pre-sales to very exciting trailers coming out of SXSW and GDC.

5) Blockchain Game Alliance now open for new members

Since being announced back in September 2018, the Blockchain Game Alliance set its sights on advocating for and supporting blockchain developers.

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