CryptantCrab introduces new battle mode

CryptantCrab takes players from Xenografting to the arena

The CryptantCrab team has showcased its new battle system to give players the chance to compete with their chosen crabs

Along with offering players a broad scope of customization, the CryptantCrab team has revealed its new battle mode.

This, in combination with its already existing customization and Xenografting means players, will be able to put their crabs to the ultimate test.

According to the team, players will be able to compete against one another for prize pools of 5 ETH per arena event. As players build up their Crab NFTs, in and out of the arena, they’ll be able to compete in even larger competitions, with bigger prize-pools as well.

CryptantCrab: Battle Mode – the set up

With every competition in the arena, 6 players will be pitted against each other.

Each player will need to equip two of their crabs to do battle against 5 other teams of two.

Whenever one or both of your crabs win, these will equal points that will contribute towards your running tally.

Going mobile

Along with this new feature, CryptantCrab has also partnered up with Lumi Wallet and Infinito. Meaning that, along with being available on PC, users can play through their mobile on iOS and Android.

Prize pools are due to launch on the game with the next few months.

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