Battle Racers item pre-sale kicks off

Battle Racers is kicking off its item sale

The wait is over for Battle Racers fans!

The wait is finally over for fans of Battle Racers as Altitude Games kicks off its pre-sale. Kicking off on Tuesday 21st May, the team is launching a total of 9,785 chests, containing a wide range of NFTs. Among those chests are the following:

  • Wood Crates – 3,420 of these will be in circulation and consists of 1 part in each
  • Bronze Crates – 2,945 in total, including 2 parts
  • Silver Crates – 2,280, which include 3 parts and a far higher chance of containing rare NFTs
  • Gold Crates – Only 1,140 of these are available, contain 4 parts and have a strong chance of containing Rare or Epic NFTs

Along with being available to buy using crypto there’s a lot more flexibility to buying them. Thanks to its partnership with NIFTY gateway, users can buy any of these chests using fiat.

Along with nearly 10,000 chests, the team has given a sneak peak at 60 very exclusive NFTs – Legendary assets. According to the team, these are the single most exclusive range of assets going up for pre-sale:

“There are only three Legendary car models in this pre-sale, with a total of 60 Legendary parts.”

Time is of the essence for users, with a 15% discount off all crates when they’re bought in the first 24hrs.

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