Editors Choice – top picks from Blockchain Gamer Connects Hong Kong

Check out some of our top picks for Blockchain Gamer Connects Hong Kong

We are entering the final days before the beginning of Blockchain Gamer Connects Hong Kong.

Kicking off on Wednesday, 17th July, BGCHK promises to be a spectacular debut for blockchain gaming in Asia.

Whether you’re one of the lucky attendees coming down to Hong Kong, or even if you’re watching from a-far.

There’s nothing stopping you from taking a look at some of our personal recommendations.

So, here are just some of the top picks for Blockchain Gamer Connects Hong Kong!

Editor’s Choice – Day One

12:20-1:00pm – How and Why We Must Improve the blockchain user experience – Panel Discussion

Moderator – Arnoldo Concepcion of Animoca Brands


  • Andrea McGinty, Blockade Games
  • Andreas Johansson, Triolith Games AB
  • Alyssa Tsai, PANONY
  • Damian Byeon, ITAM Games
  • Dohyun Pak, Bifrost

The biggest current issue for blockchain games is scale and the biggest obstacle to growing audience size is UX so how do we balance accessibility with the vision of decentralization and true ownership?

4:40-5:00pm – Raising Capital for Blockchain Game Development

Speaker – Tama Churchouse of Block.One Capital

Investment remains one of the key obstacles that blockchain companies have to overcome in order to launch a successful product to a mass market. While Initial Coin Offerings offered one avenue of fundraising, venture capital is an evolving avenue that is proving more open-minded to blockchain games.

Within this talk, Tama Churchouse discusses some of the key attributes that venture capital companies look for in blockchain gaming.

Day Two

10:00-10:20am – Taking Blockchain to the Masses

Speaker – William Quigley of Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX)

While blockchain, no matter what the industry, professes to seek out a mass audience. Saying and doing are two distinct things, so that raises the question of just how developers are meant to bring this technology to the masses?

10:40-11:00am – US – China Blockchain Trends for 2019

Speaker – Edith Yeung, Proof of Capital

Edith Yeung, Managing Partner at Proof of Capital will highlight the biggest blockchain trends of 2019 and what startups should consider as they work on their latest projects.

5:00-5:40pm – Blockchain Games – What’s Next? – Panel Discussion

Moderator – Oscar Clark

  • Kyle Lu of Dapp-com
  • Doo Wan Nam of MakerDAO
  • Shane Zhu of Blok Party
  • Pavel Bains of Bluzelle
  • Keyvan Peymani of Versus System

Join us at Blockchain Games Connects Hong Kong – 17-18 July 2019.

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