VRJAM closes $1 million seed round for its music metaverse

The Virtual Reality music experience creator VRJAM has just closed its seed investment round. A selection of the crypto industry’s leading blockchain investors has backed VRJAM Coin with $1 million in investment in the seed round of the token sale for VRJAM Coin.

Those investment firms that took part include Sky Vision Capital, NGC Ventures, AU21 Technology, Valhalla Capital, and EnjFi.

Last week VRJAM announced the launch of its own metaverse platform; one that offers users an ‘always on’ virtual reality ecosystem. For artists, content creators, and larger-scale labels, VRJAM provides all of them with new ways to monetise music, albums and even performances online.

Over the course of the past year and more, the global pandemic has placed a greater emphasis on the need for remote-friendly content and services. Consequently, industries like entertainment and music have made a strong pivot to meet this challenge. For VRJAM, it strikes at the hinge of increased demand for remote content, and the surging need for monetisation within the music industry.

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