Eminem buys into Bored Ape Yacht Club with $450,000 NFT

Celebrities have been quickly entering the NFT space, with the likes of CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club being among the top contenders. The latest star to join the community was Marshall Mathers, AKA – Eminem / Slim Shady.

Referred to unofficially as ‘EminApe’, the NFT managed to sell for approximately 123.45 ETH, at the time – $452,000.

One of those most blown away by the news was fellow BAYS member, @Gee__Gazza, who felt a strong sense of disbelief at having the illustrious rapper buy his NFT. @Gee_Gazza having not taken some credit at the passive selling he did back in November (jokes).

Eminem, like other celebrities, also took the time to add it as his profile picture.

Along with making the purchase, it only represents the most expensive one within his already growing collection. On OpenSea, for example, he has accrued 15 NFTs so far, listed under ‘Shady_Holdings‘.

For BAYS, in particular, its another ringing endorsement from the celebrity community, and distance taken ahead of CryptoPunks, the latter of which it outpaced in December. This change of leaders for top NFT marketplace did come off the back of some copyright licensing issues that CryptoPunks faced, along with a slowdown in its trading activity.

Bored Ape Yacht Club, by contrast, has surpassed CryptoPunks in overall floor price, and become the second-largest NFT project on OpenSea. We also reported, not too long ago, that BAYS had previously partnered up with Animoca Brands.

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