Aethernity joins The Sandbox

The Sandbox has been growing its line-up of partners over 2021 and to kick off the new year, Aethernity has joined the metaverse. As part of the collaboration, Aethernity will be bringing its library of world-class licenses, including apparel, from a wide range of celebrities, musicians, artists and more.

In order to showcase its library to the Sandbox community, Aethernity has acquired a centre stage ‘Estate’, where it’ll open up a virtual store for users to see its unique Voxelised NFTs. Kicking off this line-up of licensed appeal will be from the star quarterback Dak Prescott and running back Ezekiel Elliott.

“Through this partnership, we could have avatars dressed in wearables from the world’s greatest soccer players, including Pelé and Luis Suárez, to compete in tournaments, or drive to their modelled rocket and satellite from the U.S. Space Force in their fully licensed DeLorean. The possibilities are endless!”

For more information about Aethernity, visit the website right here.

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