Theta demonstrates its hybrid blockchain video streaming platform

Give and take and tokens

There are plenty of moon shots out there but as useful blockchain projects with real world applications go,’s decentralized video streaming technology Theta is up there with the best of them.

You can read this article – What is Theta? – to get the full details, but in the meantime, this video gives a great demonstration of how its hybrid approach will work.

Simply put, Theta can operate on the blockchain with peer-to-peer computers acting as streaming (and viewing) nodes alongside a traditional CDN network architecture to handle high volume situations.

The point is using Theta offers all the benefit of the traditional approach while being much more cost efficient when operating in peer-to-peer mode, plus anyone using their computer as part of the network automatically mines Theta tokens.

These are currently ERC20 tokens but eventually will be replaced 1-to-1 with a native Theta blockchain tokens when the service launches.

In addition, the company is partnering up to extend the technology to also enable off-chain microtransactions.

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