What is THETA?

Fuel for the streaming economy

Token: THETA
Blockchain: Ethereum
Standard: ERC-20 (currently)
Company: Sliver.tv/Theta Labs
Total supply: Unlimited (effectively capped)
Status: Live (but not native)
Raised: $20m ICO, $36m VCs
Mining: Y
Live market: via Live Coin Watch

The Theta token is the currency and utility token for Sliver.tv’s decentralized global video delivery and streaming platform.

An ERC-20-compliant version is currently live, both on Sliver.tv’s Watch & Win esports platform, and through a private sale that raised $20 million in February 2018.

However, the native Theta token won’t be live until the full launch of the Sliver.tv platform, which is scheduled for late 2018.

In this implementation, users can mine Theta by running cache nodes to running Sliver.tv blockchain to deliver real-time streams and video on demand.

Viewers can also earn Theta by watching streams and videos incentivized by advertisers through a Proof of Engagement process, while streamers can earn Theta by playing the games with advertising rewards attached. Viewers can also gift Theta to their friends and favorite streamers.

Of course, it will also be possible to purchase Theta and use it to purchase virtual items, games and other services on Sliver.tv.

You can read more about how the Sliver.tv platform works here.

Source Theta white paper

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