What is Super Game Chain Coin?

Token for game funding

Token: SGCC
Blockchain: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Company: Super Game Chain
Total supply: 20,000 million
Status: completed private sale
Token Sale %: 30%
Mining: Y
Live market: via Live Coin Market

As its name suggest, Super Game Chain is an ambitious blockchain project which is gunning to disrupt the entire game ecosystem.

Notably, it’s based around creating a blockchain-based user profile for gamers, which via smart contracts, enables them to interact with each other, as well as investing and promoting games, while also allowing advertisers and investors to work within what Super Game Chain labels an “organic, healthy, mutually beneficial, co-existential ecosystem”.

Super Game Chain's goal is to build an organic, healthy, mutually beneficial, co-existential game development ecosystem

Using an open source approach and overseen by the Global Game Developers’ Alliance – a new body it’s establishing – any developer can publish their game (web, mobile, PC, VR or AR) on this blockchain using the available SDKs and APIs.

Funding this will be the base currency token SGCC, although developers will also be able to create their own tokens using SGCC as a parent if they wish.

The platform will contain an internal wallet, which will be hot for payments worth less than $200 but require addition user authorization for larger amounts.

For gamers, by gamers

So far so blockchain. What’s interesting about Super Game Chain’s approach, however, is the way it attempts to be gamer-centric.

At the heart of this will be each gamer’s profile, which will enable a strong community to develop in terms of trading and gifting in-game items, and setting up alliances and operating their own game rooms for tournaments etc. Of course, players with high activity levels will be rewarded with items such as a 10% pricing discount.

More importantly, however, it hoped as gamers accumulate their SGCC tokens, so they’ll start to get involved in voting for and investing in upcoming games.

In this way, Super Game Chain hopes to take the passion that was associated with the early days of Kickstarter and combine it with the flexible economy of a blockchain gaming platform in which gamers are given tokens for playing games, watching ads and generally being engaged with the community.

For developers too

Similarly, Super Game Chain – which is based in Silicon Valley with an office in Beijing – hopes to attract developers partly because of these early funding and product validation options, but also through the adoption of industry-standard tools.

For example it will support the Unity development platform, while using Ethereum as its underlying blockchain for game data and logic. SGCC will be an ERC20 token.

However, Super Game Chain will also be using additional tech to ensure its blockchain can operate at sufficiently fast speed. Its whitepaper mentions Qtum and Lightning Network as two partners in this regard.

Super Game Chain will be validating its approach with first party titles expected to launch in the first half of 2018, and followed by third party games later in 2018.

You can find out more via the Super Game Chain whitepaper and website.

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