Spells of Genesis developer teases new game

Positive social impact inbound

Swiss developer EverdreamSoft will be announcing a new game sometime in Q1.

As with its pioneering debut Spells of Genesis, the game will support blockchain. In particular, it will take advantage of smart contracts and work on the Ethereum blockchain using the BitCrystals (BCY) cryptocurrency and platform.

In terms of wallets, the game will use popular browser waller MetaMask as well as the new version of the Book of Orbs, which is now in development by the BitCrystals team.

Of course, existing digital assets from games that already support Book of Orbs such as cards from Spells of Genesis, and assets from titles like Memorychain, Force of Will and Rarepepe will impact gameplay too.

The only other piece of information provided by EverdreamSoft CEO Shabam Shaame is that the game “is tailored to have a positive social impact”.

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