Gamestop proposes NFT dividend for shareholders

Some shareholders in US game retailer GameStop have submitted a groundbreaking proposal to the SEC that could see the company start issuing dividends in the form of NFTs.

If the proposal wins approval it would mean the company substantially increases its web3 integration by being the first to issue NFTs as dividends. In that case, those NFTs would be issued on a one-to-one basis for each share. 

As these six shareholders point out, GameStop is already in the NFT business and they argue this novel move would bring more awareness to the NFT ecosystem and act as a marketing campaign for GameStop’s existing activities.

In early 2022, following the previous year’s NFT boom, GameStop launched its own NFT marketplace powered by Immutable. Despite the downticking NFT market since, GameStop’s annual data shows its marketplace is steady.

If the proposal is accepted — and given the SEC is currently anti-crypto so this is a big if — it remains to be seen if the GameStop NFT Marketplace would experience an upswing. Indeed, it would be fascinating to see how many GameStop shareholders would even be interested or capable of accessing their NFTs.

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