Quicksave’s CEO Elina Arponen coming to PG Connects Helsinki 2023

Pocket Gamer Connects returns to Helsinki, 12th-13th September 2023. Over 1,600 games industry professionals will gather for two days full of networking opportunities and game-changing insights from expert speakers.

Filling 20 wall-to-wall conference tracks across both days, they will share their depth of knowledge on everything from monetization models and new markets, to industry trends and predictions. In addition they will cover all the latest on blockchain gaming, web3, the metaverse, AI, and much more.

Ahead of the conference we checked in with Elina Arponen from Quicksave Interactive, who will be speaking on the track “How to build blockchain games that are actually fun”.

BlockchainGamer.biz: Can you tell us what Quicksave is working on at the moment?

Arponen: We keep working on the best social HTML5 games and our proprietary toolset for effortless development of HTML5 games.

How can web3 game developers build sustainable and successful economies?

In web3 in addition to the overall quality of the game you need to consider your strategy towards tradable assets, accessibility and the super social communities in web3. Getting all these right can lead to sustainable success. User acquisition can’t be based on the promise of everyone earning money. 

How bullish are you for the future of web3 games, and why?

There are lot of use cases for blockchain that are truly beneficial both for the player and developer. It will certainly be a big part of gaming in the future. For example the way we can do and encourage cross promotion between ecosystems is great. 

Can you tell us what you’ll be talking about at PG Connects Helsinki?

I’m talking about how to build blockchain games that are actually fun. That is kind of the same as how to make blockchain games for the mainstream market that will not play anything just because of blockchain itself. Overall it’s not as hard as you may think. 

What will be a key takeaway you’d want your audience at the event to remember?

Why blockchain can be good for your game and supercharge co-development with your community.

Additional web3 content at the conference features speakers including Patrick McGrath from Moonlit Games, Jari Pauna from Supremacy Games and Karl Blomsterwall from Nibiru, and more.

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