Yuga announces mobile-first Dookey Dash Unclogged

One year on from Yuga Labs’ typically irreverent Dookey Dash game comes news of its sequel.

Unlike the NFT-gated original, Dookey Dash Unclogged will be a full gaming experience with battle pass and IAPs, and open for anyone to play, although Yuga Labs NFT-holders — Apes, Mutants, Kodas, HV-MTL etc — will get access to additional benefits.

Organised around weekly and seasonal events, players will be able to win boosts, golden plungers and NFT invites to big prize tournaments. Rewards will include Apecoin and Yuga NFTs.

Launch is set for sometime during Q1 2024 with the game available for PC/Mac and mobile via app store downloads, not as previously on browser.

Perhaps more significant, however, is Yuga’s collaboration with Faraway Games, which will see the latter’s UGC platform leveraged into the experience. This means creators will be able to make their own 3D characters — Faraway supports the Ready Player Me standard — as well as vehicles and stickers.

They will then be able to sell these within the Faraway Shop for use in Dookey Dash Unclogged, as well as other games and experiences that support the tech, including Yuga’s Legends of the Mara and Faraway’s Mini Royale and Serum City games.

Indeed, the shop also enables people to create their own storefronts, which can be used to sell items other users have created, gaining the store owner up to 40% of the overall sale price. 5% of any purchase is also available to claim via referral codes. Hence Yuga says content creators, content curators and influencers will all be able to earn additional rewards.

And it’s this combination of a simple game available to the mass market through traditional distribution channels without any crypto complexity, together with UGC and blockchain hooks for those who want to go deeper that should provide Dookey Dash Unclogged with its opportunity to appeal to both types of audiences in a highly synergetic manner.

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