Loom to host its first European hackathon in Oslo

Blockchain games platform heads to Norway in August

Blockchain games platform Loom is hosting a hackathon in Oslo, Norway on August 24-26.

This is the first European hackathon in a series of international events organised by the Bangkok company, following a launch in Tokyo last month, with a Beijing outing scheduled for July.

Co-hosted by Oslo blockchain consultancy Blockchangers, entrants will be given an open-source game that’s already integrated with the Loom SDK, The Adventures of Etherboy in Blockchain World, along with the SDK itself. The finalists will win prizes, as well as an opportunity to be hired by Loom Network or Blockchangers.

Entries are invited from experienced Unity developers with an interest in building apps on Ethereum – the Loom Network team will be at the event to help build your first DApp.

To take part, email your portfolio to [email protected] with the subject ‘Oslo Hackathon’, by August 5th.

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