Video: Lessons from mobile blockchain game Spells of Genesis

EverdreamSoft’s Nicolas Sierro advises

At Blockchain Gamer Connects San Francisco 2018, Nicolas Sierro of Swiss developer EverdreamSoft spoke about the company was creating a community of blockchain gamers.

As well as its debut game, the mobile trading card title Spells of Genesis in which players can ‘blockchainize’ their cards, EverdreamSoft is building out its own game platform. Key to these are the BitCrystals token and the Book of Orbs wallet.

As well as supporting the trading of Spells of Genesis cards, it also hosts items other games.

More than money

Significantly, Sierro noted developers have to careful not be greedy when it comes to trading.

“We don’t take a cut from secondary sales,” he noted, also pointing out that crowdfunding shouldn’t be about raising funds but about building community.

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