Korrobox has joined 21 other startups in Berkeley’s 2018 SkyDeck Accelerator

Berkeley leaves no company behind with its accelerator

Blockchain isn’t escaping the sight of potential investors and start-up accelerators.

This is especially true with the news that KorroBox, a marketplace for players and publishers to buy and sell games, was the latest of 22 startups selected for UC Berkeley’s SkyDeck.

SkyDeck, Berkeley’s accelerator programme, which will commence in the fall of 2018, has since announced its full cohort of startups, which range from artificial intelligence, e-commerce and blockchain gaming.

Berkeley Skydeck Accelerator: the details

The full programme consists of 102 teams overall, comprised of 22 cohort startups and 80 ‘hot desk’ members that are allowed to attend the accelerator’s workshops, talks and consult with mentors.

Each startup is granted $100,000 in initial funding from the accelerator’s associated venture, Berkeley SkyDeck Fund. Over the programme’s six-month timeline, startups will use it as an opportunity to obtain advice from mentors and further develop their projects.

According to KorroBox’s roadmap, the six months will be used to improve their marketplace, while developing player and developer specific wallets.

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