Alto announces its 5 finalists for the Cryptogame Challenge

Alto’s Cryptogame Challenge is hotting up for the now 5 competitors

First of all, congratulations to all those that participated in the first stages of Alto‘s Cryptogame Challenge.

Over the past weekend, Alto’s lineup of judges has read through the numerous unique pitches sent to them by aspiring developers.

The judges finally made their choices, with the final five going on to compete in the final stage of the contest and their chance to win the grand prize.

Alto’s Cryptogame Challenge

The chosen finalists will go on to build and submit their games to a further panel of judges. Competitors have from the 10th of July to the 31st of August to complete and submit their contribution for a chance to win.

The top 3 competitors stand to win their share of $150,000 worth of prizes, including marketing support and guidance for launching their own game on the Alto marketplace.

To find out more about the Cryptogame Challenge, click here. Or to learn about the team behind Alto, check out our exclusive interview here.

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