Video: Alex Casassovici on building token flow

Smarts from Blockchain Gamer Connects San Francisco 2018

One of the hottest topics in blockchain gaming is ‘Token Flow’, and that’s exactly what Alex Casassovici from Azarus spoke about at Blockchain Gamer Connects San Francisco 2018.

The token is a symbol of value but to create value, it needs to be circulated through a repeated loop, he argued.

In that context, liquidity – or the demand and supply for buying and selling tokens – is vital.

Interestingly, Casassovici also looked back to non-blockchain games such as Diablo and Eve Online for examples of both successful and disastrous in-game trading markets.

Of course, the big difference between non and blockchain games is in the former case, the economics have to be set by the developer, whereas in the later case, the market is outside of the developer’s control and will set the price automatically.

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