Trending now: the biggest stories in blockchain gaming

August starts with a bang.

This week has been a mixture of crowdsales, releases, and strategic partnerships which have generated a lot of excitement.

Among the developments this week, Blockchain Gamer was proud to have interviews with developers bringing truly unique concepts to the market.

Here are some of the top stories from this week in blockchain gaming.

1) Fracture Labs’ grand vision for its blockchain survival game Decimated

Success in any sphere is a mixture of ambition, execution, and timing. Editor-at-large, Jon Jordan speaks to Stephen Espion Arnold about how blockchain and the Unreal 4 Engine bring the survival game, Decimated, to life.

2) WAX and Terra Virtua form new ‘Strategic Partnership’


The partnership will allow players to interact with items from WAX’s digital asset marketplace from inside Terra Virtua’s atrium.

3) Gods Unchained sells the second most valuable card in the world

Gods Unchained

Hyperion, one of Gods Unchained’s unique ‘Genesis Titans’ broke records as it was sold at auction for 146 ETH ($60,000), making it the second most valuable card in the world behind Magic: The Gathering’s ‘Black Lotus’ which sold for $85,000.

4) Axie Infinity’s closed beta racks up over 2,000 player battles


With its closed beta ongoing, up to 400 players have been recorded battling others, with a total of 2,000 battles reached on August 6th.

5) Cryptic Conjure begins item pre-sale

ETH.TOWN wasn’t the only game with an anticipated release on August 2nd.

Lucid Sight’s game, Cryptic Conjure, began its item pre-sale. Through this pre-sale, players can buy unique and powerful artifacts, giving them a unique head-start.

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