Blockchain gaming platform, FairWin to feature 20 new games

For new ideas, some things never change.

Blockchain gaming is bringing forward a lot of new ideas.

But while it’s being used for some innovative concepts, traditional casino and gambling games are preeminent on blockchain according to Dappradar.

“Times change, new technologies come into this world, but the gamers’ tastes remain the same.”

Through its ‘unofficial’ Medium blog, FairWin has announced that, through its gaming platform, it will be introducing 20 new games along with titles such as Yggdrasil and Top Drop, which are already on its site.

FairWin’s ‘Black box’ approach

FairWin offers game developers with tools and support to create their game and publish it through their platform. Outlining the benefits in terms of production support, but of a stable platform that guarantees security for new and established game developers.

With the average player having access to a vast number of online gambling platforms, the need for a higher level of safety and leverage is stressed by FairWin in its white paper.

“The blockchain technology minimizes the risk of being cheated by game organizers and makes casinos safer for players and improves the trust in the industry.”

While the only playable game on its platform is the demo of Yggdrasil, the previously mentioned 20 games are expected to launch by the end of 2018.

For more information about FairWin, check out their website here.

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