Arena-based battler Etherbots goes live

Building the best bot

Another day, another blockchain game goes live.

Today that game is Australian developer Fuel Brothers’ Etherbots.

And the title suggests, it’s browser-based game which has you trading ECR-721 tokens to build the best bot you can, before testing it out in the PVP battle arena.

To create an Etherbot, you need to combine four parts: a body; a turret; a melee part; and a defence part. Then you need to set up the predetermined moves you want your bot to perform in battle.

Going deeper

Winning means you’re rewarded with part shards, which you can use in the forge to make new parts. Parts can also be traded on the marketplace, and each comes with a rarity value.

Adding more gameplay depth is each user’s skill tree. These are applied to each of your bot’s four parts and you can unlock nodes everytime you level up two levels. This enables you to hone your bot in terms of your play style or to focus on any rare parts you’ve acquired.

Etherbots sold over $1 million of bot parts in its pre-sale and since going live has seen its most expensive part selling for $18,000 (21 ETH).

At time of writing, the game ranked #2 in terms of game player activity on DappRadar with 1,016 daily active users, behind CryptoKitties at 1,085.

Source Etherbots

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