Cryptocarz pulls up to Decentraland

Drag racing in Genesis City

From battling monsters to building theme parks, and now racing cars in VR.

Decentraland has recently announced that, along with its ongoing partnerships with Etheremon and CryptoBeasties, that it is partnering up with the Virtual Reality blockchain game, CryptoCarz.

In order to accommodate for aspiring racers looking to fully experience their NFT-based cars in Genesis city, Decentraland has announced that it will be working with the CryptoCarz team to build a dedicated racetrack.

It went on to further discuss the future prospects of these races as Decentraland launches.

“In Decentraland, you’ll be able to drive your cars in traditional drag races and different course configurations. Race against your friends or total strangers!”

To find out more about the new partnership, visit Decentraland’s post here.

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