CryptoBeasties begins its pre-sale on 24th September

CryptoBeasties is bringing its ‘Phenomenal’ sale to September

CryptoBeasties is kickstarting with its pre-sale.

In the steps leading to the game’s release, players will be able to take advantage of its item pre-sale. The cards will be broken up into packs with three cards of varying rarity, ranging from rare, epic or legendary.

The pre-sale will begin on 24th September at 11pm (GMT).

These will include a number of ultra-rare ‘Phenomenal’ cards. Only ten of these will ever be produced, making the item sale a rare opportunity for players.

For those interested in becoming a proud owner of one of these ‘Phenomenal’ cards will have to pay attention to the pre-sale, as one will be auctioned off.

According to the developers, the pre-sale will include a number of unique features, including:

  • Each type of Beastie card is serialized, with numbers starting at 1 and counting up. The first 100 of each card will be minted randomly at the start of the sale. Early buyers might score the coveted #1 of many cards just by getting random packs.
  • Phenomenal rarity cards, plus a few #1 instances of Epic and Legendary cards, will be offered for direct auction.
  • Each card purchased during the Presale phase will carry a special Presale badge, to be displayed on that card forever.

For more information about CryptoBeasties and its pre-sale, please visit their website here.

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