What is Loot.Game?

Creating a CPU economy.

“Computational power – The new gold of the century” according to Moonify.

While it sounds unusual, it’s a concept that’s being put to the test with Loot.Game, a gaming platform which allows players to lend their processing power in exchange for bitMoony Tokens, the platforms digital currency.


How it works

Upon joining the platform, users will have the choice to lend a certain percentage of their computer’s processing power, creating a mutually beneficial relationship between Loot.Game, the player, and the game’s developer.

According to Moonify, the creator of Loot.Game, and its whitepaper, this system supports developers by helping them to “acquire, monetize and retain users who are essentially asked to share spare cycles of their CPU power to access their services and get rewarded with Tokens.”

Depending on the amount of power and time the player is willing to provide, developers gain a reliable way of generating revenue and obtaining a player-base.

In return, players that lend their CPU for the process of mining tokens can then use them to buy new games, providing a profit for developers and Loot.Game, due to the tokens being based off the Monero and Electroneum cryptocurrencies.

The act of providing this processing power is an entirely optional aspect, as stated by the company’s CEO, Jean Offman-Oulhiou:

“Loot.Game always asks its users for consent and strives to function transparently and ethically hoping to create a viable long-term ecosystem for all gaming enthusiasts.”

Players that want to earn tokens can also choose when and how much they want to contribute, with more processing power meaning more tokens. Offman-Oulhiou further adds:

“We want to demonstrate that when used in a compliant manner, browser mining can be a great way to buy digital goods.”

To find out more about Loot.Game, visit their website here.

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