WAX announces arrival of its blockchain and Protocol Token on June 30th

WAX reveals the upcoming features of its complete blockchain

While WAX’s protocol token will add new features to the marketplace, its current token will continue to be put to use

While the Worldwide Asset Exchange has been operating effectively on the beta version of its blockchain. Through this marketplace, it manages a total daily trading volume of around $1m, or 500,000 digital/real assets.

With a wide range of NFTs and real-world items available through its marketplace, it makes the team’s recent announcement all the more exciting.

Scheduled for launch on June 30th, WAX will be bringing the complete version of its dedicated blockchain to the mainnet. The chain itself, a hybrid variation of the EOS blockchain brings with it a series of new features.

Specifically when it comes to its Protocol Token, which enables users to use it as a currency, while also making use of it for staking, voting and joining guilds.

While the inclusion of this Protocol Token brings a new depth to the WAX economy. The already operational asset standard behind its token will continue to be used, with developers working to maximize its effectiveness on the platform.

Check out the video trailer below.

For more information, visit the WAX website.

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