Global Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem Conference 2019

The Global Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem Conference

The Global Blockchain Game Ecology Conference will take place in the Theater of the Shipyard 1862, which covers an area of 800 square meters, and 300 square meters of the outside Front Hall. Burberry, Jaguar & Land Rover, Tissot and RAZZLE have all held events here.

The shipyard is given new meaning by Kengo Kuma after 100 years of its initial purpose, just like the game industry’s economic model, asset construction, community composition and trust mode will have a huge change after encountering blockchain.

The Global Blockchain Game Ecology Conference’s predecessor was the “China Blockchain Technology & Game Development Conference” by ChinaJoy in August 2018.

At this conference, ChinaJoy, Cocos-BCX, DappReview and INBlockchain jointly released the White Paper of the Blockchain Game Industry 2018. Today, DappReview will still cooperate with Cocoa China and upgrade the brand to be the “Global Blockchain Game Ecology Conference”.

The Global Blockchain Game Ecology Conference plans to invite 20+ star projects, 100+ ecological partners, 50+ media, with a scale of 500+ conference attendants and 3 million user market size.

Who’s Attending?

The confirmed attendants include Cocos – BCX, Loom, Celer, NEO Global Capital, DappReview, White Matrix, Bitpie, SlowMist, NeoWorld, Encryption Throne, Lichang, Contentos and etc.

Among them, Cocos-BCX is the next generation digital economic platform for games, and also the top sponsor of the Global Blockchain Game Ecology Conference;

Loom is a well-known side-chain development project, and has been integrated with Ethereum and Tron;

Celer Network is committed to the chain scalability solution, so as to build an Internet-scale blockchain application portal;

Global Capital is a VC company of blockchain project investments.

It has invested in Zilliqa, Ontology, Trinity and others. DappReview is the organizer of the conference and the largest DApp ecological platform in the world. Now it has included 10 main chains of more than 3300 DApps…

The conference topics are closely related to blockchain games, including blockchain game eco-blueprints, data analysis of DApp development in 2019, current status and opportunities in the global blockchain game market, and blockchain technology developments.

The conference has now been confirmed to be co-hosted by Jinse and Dogigames, and co-organized by GBAC and Bishijie. ChainDD, Huoxing, and Babbit are invited to cooperate.

Chain News, Odaily, Shenliancaijing, Ruoluocaijing, BlockBeats, Coinvocie and other 10 companies provide strategic cooperation. 10 groups including ChainNode, Bihu, OrangeBook, and Lianyuyu provide community support.

More than 20 companies including TokenInsight, DAPPX and TokenGazer provide media support.


Cocos-BCX, one of the publishers of the 2018 Blockchain Game Industry White Paper, has also become the top sponsor of this conference.

Cocos-BCX will bear the corresponding expenses of the conference to ensure the purity of the content and the advancement of the projects.

In addition, the Global Blockchain Game Ecological Conference early bird ticket channel is opened. You can scan the following QR code to register.

About the Venue

The Shipyard 1862 is located in Lujiazui Financial Zone, Pudong, Shanghai. It faces the Huangpu River on the north. Founded by British businessmen in 1862, it was formerly the Xiangsheng Shipyard on the Pudong Binjiang River.

After the founding of New China, the Xiangsheng Shipyard became the Shanghai Shipyard. In 1972, the Shanghai Shipyard Forging Workshop was built.

In 1978, the first 10,000-ton ship to export “Shaoxing” was launched here. In 2005, the Shanghai Shipyard was relocated to the Chongming Island, and this site awaits a new fate.

In the second half of 2014, the old shipyard was reconstructed under the new design of the famous Japanese architect Kengo Kuma.

Kengo tried to preserve the scale of the shipyard and the material texture accumulated through history, transforming the old shipyard into a comprehensive facility consisting of three functions: Theater, Multi-Function Hall and Commercial Area.

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