Cocos-BCX reveals its first list of ‘Builders and Angels’

Among those ‘builders’ are games like BlockLords

Providing a robust method for game developers to leverage blockchain technology and plug into a decentralized economy. Now, we see Cocos-BCX introduce us to its range of ‘Builders and Angels,’ which consists of 23 dApps, digital wallets, tools among others.

The latter range of dApps includes games including:

So what is it that companies get from being a part of this list? They are added into the Cocos-BCX Ecosystem Incentive Plan, which emphasizes the cultivation of player, user and developer ecosystems.

Made up of two categories [Angels and Builders], Cocos offers more than 210m to reward users of this solution. These rewards are distributed across three months and are dependent on the contributions of those participating.

According to the Cocos team, these are the contribution criteria for listed Angels and Builders.

For more information about Cocos-BCX and its Ecosystem Incentives, visit the page here.

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