Terra Virtua brings NFTs to Hero Indian Super League

The world of sports is quickly coming to realise and embrace the unique potential of NFTs as a new avenue of fan engagement.

Terra Virtua has announced a new partnership with the Hero Indian Super League, bringing NFTs to India’s top football division.

Operating as a wide-spanning marketplace for NFTs, Terra Virtua should be able to help the ISL dive straight into the world of digital collectables, offering fans the chance to ‘own’ rare and exclusive memorabilia.

Terra Virtua brings ISL action to the fans

Having been established in 2014, the ISL appears to have rapidly come to recognise how NFTs can help the league transcend conventional fan engagement, especially as a new generation of Indians hit the pitch.

ISL’s Head of Digital, Hoshedar Gundevia, said: “Digital collectables have been one of the most talked-about fan engagement avenues in 2021, and ISL being a young league, would like to keep pace with the demands of India’s millennial and Gen Z audience segments.” 

For Terra Virtua CEO and co-Founder Gary Bracey, the partnership represents the latest in a growing line-up of sports teams, artists, etc., that see the power behind The NFT marketplace:

“This is a big day for the future of Indian and international sport. The partnership signals a fundamental shift in the way sports fans will be able to engage with their favourite sports teams going forward, allowing them to collect and trade Interactive player merchandise and dynamic digital memorabilia with fellow fans.”

The operative words are certainly ‘growing number’, especially for Terra Virtua. Just this month, the team introduced one of the first NFT-based graphic comics and art

Going Green

While NFTs are getting red hot amongst companies, blockchain gaming’s going green, and Terra Virtua is no exception.

The team has recently moved over to Polygon – the layer-2 scaling solution – to cut carbon emissions and boost efficiency for players and its partners.

Find out more about Terra Virtua, the ISL and Polygon by following the links.

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