Man’s best friend goes virtual with ClassicDoge

Dog’s have long earned the reputation as ‘man’s best friend’. Well, man’s best friend is getting a new lease of life on the metaverse with ClassicDoge. Built on top of Ethereum, players will be able to give their pets a permanent home on the metaverse through its MetaPet NFTs.

As is suggested by the name, ClassicDoge puts pets at the centre of its game mechanics and economy. Once added to the metaverse, players can train and play with their pets in a variety of games to win token-based rewards and even NFTs.

According to ClassicDoge’s white paper, NFTs can be trained in a variety of skills to specialise and compete in: obedience, loyalty, intelligence, strength, stamina, endurance, passion.

Having been divided from other people for the better part of a year, ClassicDoge offers players the special chance to walk and play with their pets again. Alternatively, it provides an interesting alternative to the likes of contemporaries like Axie Infinity and Blockchain Cuties, as examples.

Find out more about ClassicDoge by checking out the website right here.

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