Square Enix reveals new NFT art project – Symbiogenesis

Square Enix, the studio behind the legendary Final Fantasy series, has revealed its new NFT project – Symbiogenesis. For many, it came as a little surprise, with headlines expecting a Parasite Eve reboot.

In a tweet from the brand’s Twitter account, the project is slated to launch in Spring 2023 on PC and Mobile. The company also announced that the project will be using the Ethereum blockchain.

Concurrently, those interested in taking part will be able to buy one of the digital pieces of art at the same time as the platform’s launch.

Symbiogenesis’ NFTs are reflective of characters in-game, with players experiencing an interactive story, to untangle mysteries by completing in-game missions.

Much akin to the Final Fantasy franchise, which asked deeper philosophical questions, Symbiogenesis presses the questions surrounding the monopolisation of resources and their distribution.

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