OKX’s NFT Football Cup prize pool exceeds $2.3 million

OKX has issued business updates referring to its NFT Football Cup prize pool which has exceeded $2.3 million. This growth followed some positive reception worldwide, coinciding with many newly minted NFTs. As a result, the prize pool for competitors rose significantly in just a couple of weeks.

The total prize pool for its broader Football Festival has grown to over $4 million.

As part of the OKX NFT Football Cup, fans can mint up to three NFTs to support their chosen team/s. Holders will then split shot rewards of 20,000 USDT each time their team advances a stage. Any eliminated teams have their prize pool transferred to the team that knocked them out.

OKX Sponsors six Football Fan Zones Events in London

Beginning with the stunning win of England over Iran this week, OKX has also been supporting fan zone events across London’s Vinegar Yard and Waterloo locations. These also run in conjunction with the famous sports radio channel – TalkSport.

Next up, OKX will be hosting a fan zone event during the England v USA game on November 25th. OKX will also be supporting fan zone events for the final on December 18.

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