WAX reveals plans for existing and future tokens

Development is underway on a custom blockchain and protocol tokens

Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) has released new information about its plans for existing and future tokens.

Today’s ERC20 version will continue to be used to pay for assets on OPSkins and bridge the Ethereum blockchain with the WAX blockchain, serving as a connector to the WAX blockchain for ERC721 tokens.

ERC20 will also be used to indicate who will receive an airdrop of the forthcoming ‘protocol tokens’ on a 1:1 basis when they’re complete.

WAX says that the protocol token will be the superior version of WAX because it will enable many of the unique features of WAX including buying and selling items through the use of smart contracts, sharing fee income among multiple parties, pegged asset contracts managing volatility, pledging to guilds, enabling exchange widgets, and more.

The custom blockchain and protocol token are now in development.

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