21% of blockchain games discontinued

While new blockchain games are being released at such a rate it is increasingly hard to stay on top of the launch news, other web3 games and game projects have halted their development for various reasons. 

Crunching data from the Big Blockchain Game List’s April update, shows that out of the 852 listed games, 104 projects (12%) were labelled ‘discontinued’.

A distinction between the 556 projects still in development and the 244 live games, shows that the former had a discontinued rate of 15%, whereas the live games’ rate was lower at 9%.

Out of the total of 945 games that have ever been listed on the Big Blockchain Game List, 197 games are now considered discontinued, which means an historic failure rate of 21%.

Although perhaps we should see this as a step forward for the blockchain gaming industry. A large quantity of new projects is not necessarily an indicator of progression. Developers narrowing down their ambitions and choosing more carefully where to direct their focus, however, could be.

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