Playkey to buy back up to $2.5 million worth of tokens

Decentralised gaming platform aims to provide stability by purchasing back 2 million PKT

Decentralized gaming platform Playkey plans to buy back PKT on the HitBTC exchange starting from May 29th. The buyback will last until June 29th and exchange rates aren’t expected to exceed $1.24 per PKT.

Playkey is a cloud gaming service that allows players without access to high-end hardware the opportunity to remotely play titles they might not otherwise be able to run. Playkey Tokens (PKT) are used within the Playkey decentralized cloud gaming ecosystem by both miners and gamers.

“The buyback will help us to accumulate PKTs on the Playkey Foundation site i.e. get ready to the next important step in the Playkey development,” said Playkey CEO Egor Gurjev. “In June, 2018, Playkey expects to begin accepting PKT as payment for subscriptions on’s operational gaming platform, which is still centralized.”

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