Deadhead developing narrative-led social content for decentralised ecosystem

Will launch on Howdoo’s blockchain-based platform

The decentralized dApp ecosystem based on blockchain, Howdoo, and Deadhead Games have partnered to create story-led social entertainment through Project Dragonfly.

Led by Bafta award-winning video games producer Simon Mathews, Deadhead Games and Howdoo will team up to create “new and unique forms” of online gaming.

According to Mathews, “With Project Dragonfly, we now have the perfect social platform to create awe-inspiring entertainment through the medium of games and interactive storytelling. We aim to push the boundaries of Interactivity and the scale of user participation to make it a truly epic mass audience experience. Howdoo will enable us to deliver increasingly complex and immersive consumer experiences almost anywhere on demand, and enable us to monetize these – and I’m truly excited by the possibilities that this has opened up”.

Hashtag ahoy!

The first initiative to emerge on the Howdoo platform will be #streamingstar, a project that looks to boost undiscovered streamers. It will be tailored to the needs of distinct regional audiences, connecting content creators with global fans.

The two companies hope that by working together, they will be able to develop new forms of live social entertainment experiences. The collaboration blends a storytelling focus with game design, reality TV, and interactive engagement.

Deadhead advisor Matt Carroll said: “Games on social media exploded about 10 years ago, but there hasn’t really been any innovation to immerse audiences on the platform. With Deadhead’s experience on interactive cinematic storytelling, I’m super excited to see how they will use the social space to make new experiences. If they deliver the emotion as planned, it has the potential to be truly disruptive”.

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